I finished editing this piece the same night I heard about Sarah and lost it for a while after sitting in a dark ediing bay for three days never expecting she wouldn’t recover. She brought an emense awarness to a love so many of us mountain girls share and it’s hard to imagine the ski community without her. I was reminded of a few years back when she came out to Jackson to film and a bunch of us girls took her into the back country for her first time. She was blown away by the size of our mountain and even nervious to jump off her first natural cliff vs a park booter where she spent most of her time. Of course we were happy to offer support but surprised to imagine she could be afraid of anything. She was Sarah Burke after all! It it made her human though and gave us all something to relate to when she took us into the park and offered tips were we were the nervous ones. It went to show that we could all use a little support and encouragement sometimes from our friends when we’re pushing our own own personal limits. That’s what this day is about, having some fun supporting each other in pushing our comfort zones with support from those who feel the same passion for the mountains that we do. Thank you Sarah, this one’s for you.

Check SheJumps.org for details in getting out where you are!