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Stopped by the Freeskier offices while on a climbing/concert tour weekend in Boulder

Stopped by the Freeskier offices while on a climbing/concert tour weekend in Boulder


Silent Interview

This was a fun interview to shoot while in Austria this past season. We were trapped inside while the avalanches from several meters of snow buried the town of St Moritz.

To see the full interview go HERE


We’ve never met but I am familiar with you because my 8 yr old daughter found your video clip on the Jackson Hole video some time back and has followed you via the internet.

Recently she came upon the GMA clip you recently did with Seth on the Warren Miller movie. I could not believe that you said exactly what I think. Why anyone would want to have their child look up to Britney or Paris is also beyond me. Thank you for being you and doing what you do. Pop culture is a tough one these days but you have certainly provided my daughter with a great role model to look up to.

She’s great on the mountain and is begging me to take her up Mt. Washington’s Tuckerman’s Ravine this spring for a ski. She’s also bummed that she’s not going to be coming with me to Jackson Hole next week. Her time is coming soon though, and I will do my part to make sure she gets her pow.

Maybe this year I will be able to convince the boys at Hoback Sports to part ways with that great Lynsey Dyer/Rossignol poster on the wall you signed for them. They were a bit tight last year but never giving up has its rewards.

Keep up the great work with Shejumps. I have a young one who will be looking at you all. perhaps some day she will actually be able to share her accomplishments.

Chester Howell

Plum Island, MAIMG_7531

Here’s a note from Sara from the Sugarloaf area. It’s girls like this and letters like hers that keep me humble energized to keep representing for the ladies!g

Hey Lynsey,
So i first heard of you when i saw this years Warren Miller, you seemed like the man so i googled you and just from your websites, your Facebook and just in general you have really inspired me. I have been skiing my whole life and last year i got into snowboarding, and i do not love anything more. i live about 2 hours away from sugarloaf so we go up as much as we can, which is quite a lot. i dont think i can even tell you how much i love boarding. just the thrill of cruising so fast your eyes water, the thrill of flying through the air and landing in powder, the most amazing views i have ever seen in my life, etc. it is so amazing. but obviously you know that.
I’m currently a sophomore in high school, and next year i begin the college search. but the problem is, i have no idea where i wanna go or what i want to be. well, its not that i have no idea, i just have too many. I look at you and you are living the life. I have soo many questions for you! I dont want to feel like a stalker or anything though. And i know your probably really busy, but i am just so interested in people and dreams and accomplishments. I recently checked out the shejumps website and that looks so cool. I just really want to tell you how much i appreciate you just living the life and inspiring others to do the same.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Sara ♥