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On a photoshoot there’s a ton of standing around. So this particular Rossignol trip to Revelstoke BC I took the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Rossi athletes to shoot and edit a parody of “Shit Girls Say.” Apparently it worked as it’s up to a quarter million views and growing. What fun we had making it. Thanks Tatum Monod, Izzy Lynch, Leah Evans and ripping Burton snowbarder, Kimmy Fasani.

I hope you laugh:)


Happy New Year to everyone a few hours early! 2009 has come and gone, and the years are flying by. But I have to say every year keeps getting better, and as winter moves forward I look forward to skiing with all my friends and the adventures that are to come. With the holidays mostly behind us, most of you will have time to ski a bit more and work out the cobwebs from the summer off. One issue that everyone seems to struggle with is ski boot fitting, and I am no exception!

It’s a myth that boots need to be painful to ski well, and that you need the bind your feet at a young age to fit into a proper boot. With boot fitting science being refined every year, there are plenty of options that will fit every skiers needs. I felt this blog would be a simple way for most people to be a little bit more informed before they go buy a new boot this winter.

First and foremost is where you buy your boot. Small ski shops may be a bit more expensive than a big box chain, but service and knowledge make up for any differences in price tenfold. Having a boot fitter who knows his product line, and has the various tools to customize a boot is paramount.

Top 5 things to consider when buying a boot:
1. Pick a boot that fits your needs, not the one that magazines or friends recommend. Your feet are your feet, pick a boot that is close to them to begin with.
2. Get a custom footbed, seriously it’s worth the money.
3. Keep in mind that boots can be stretched (punched) in places where there is slight discomfort.
4. Stance alignment. Not everyone needs this, but have a shop look at where your knees are relevant to your boot, and make adjustments accordingly, it does affect your skiing in a positive way.
5. A custom boot fit is a working relationship, you might have to go back to the shop to refine the boot.

Most top end boots these days have heat moldable liners that are more comfortable and warm than boots of yore, and keep in mind that boot heaters might be the easiest way to make skiing more fun for you, they aren’t dorky anymore. A example of a boot that is both high in performance and allows for a more custom fit is this Rossi Myth Sensor 90. So rather than suffering through another year in a boot that hurts, go treat yourself and enjoy your days on the hill.


This is a super fun event that is going on in Kicking Horse, BC this year. If you can make it up there I highly recommend it, besides just skiing BC pow, you can learn about living a healthier life. Check out their website for all the details about what is involved, it will be a great time guaranteed! Plus you get to ski on all the new Rossi skis and hang out with some serious women skiers.

Healthy Change: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden B.C.

January. 30-31st, 2010

Experience Girls Day Out with a healthy twist that will leave you rejuvenated and motivated for the ski season.

Indulge in our classic Girls Day Out favorites such as professional coaching, lunches at the luxurious Eagles Eye restaurant, Complementary Rossignol demo skis, on site photographer and prizes galore.

However, get ready to experience our New workshops: Fuel Your Fun: Tips for Improving Overall Health with guest presenter and Holistic Nutritionist, Pam Romanchuk and What are you digesting in the Mass Media?, with Girls Day Out founder Leah Evans.

Kick start your ski season in a healthy way!

Registration is now OPEN!

After watching some of the other competitors videos, I am convinced that this is a contender!